The research

Tradition and research to achieve qualitative results increasingly important: this is the philosophy of Roberto Felluga

The link that has always united the production of the two companies to the area is fundamental, and is considered the added value to the peculiarities of the individual products.

With Roberto it was possible to consolidate the project of white wines "ageing", started with the Collio Bianco Col Disôre Russiz Superiore and the Collio Bianco Molamatta Marco Felluga and continued with the "Reserves", the Pinot Grigio Mongris Reserve Marco Felluga, Pinot Blanc Reserve Russiz Superiore and Sauvignon Reserve Russiz Superiore.

Every white wines are suitable to be drunk relatively young, but they can be allowed to age several years in order to find the minerals and complexity of ripe fruit. Although we are specialized in the production of white wines, as tradition in Friuli, not least is the quality of red wines, both native and international. With a great structure lend themselves to long aging.

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